Implant like natural teeth

Dental implants are one of the most
effective ways to replace missing teeth.
They are long lasting, natural looking and stable.

Advantages of using dental implants:

  • Replace missing tooth/ teeth without
    involving other teeth
  • Improve denture stability and comfort
  • Enhance smile, chewing ability and
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Comprehensive dental care

Here in Parrys Lane our aim is good oral
health for you and your family . we achieve
this through regular dental health checks,
prevention of dental disease and restoration
when is required.

We believe prevention is the key to a healthy smile.

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Enhancing the smile with tooth whitening and orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment involves moving teeth
to improve their appearance, function and health.
It is non-invasive, improves appearance and bite
of teeth and allows teeth to be cleaned easier
and more effectively.

Tooth whitening is a simple, non-invasive procedure,
which can significantly improve the shade of your teeth
and therefore enhance your smile. It does not require
injections or drilling.

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Same day emergencies

At Parrys Lane we are committed to providing all patients even if you are not registered with same day emergency dental care. Our friendly team is available from 8.30am.

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